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Former Denton County Prosecutor

John Rentz – Your Local Attorney & Advocate

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”        –Declaration of Independence

“The God that gave us Life, gave us Liberty at the same time.”                                    –Thomas Jefferson


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For some, the above are just words. As an avid history buff and devout constitutionalist, these words hold special meaning for John Rentz. They, along with others, depict the world we should live in…one governed by and for the people; not dictated by whims or desires of big government or its agents.


“You like to argue so much, you should be an attorney”


After graduating college, John took these words from his mother to heart and headed to law school at University of Houston.  Graduating near the top of his class, John went to work for the prestigious civil firm, Haynes & Boone in downtown Dallas.

While representing corporate clients allowed John to hone his legal skills, he decided to align his work with his interests in the constitution and the laws that affect the people. So, with his wife, he moved to her home town, Denton, and went to work at the district attorney’s office. Working in the misdemeanor, felony and juvenile sections, John grew to know the local judges, attorneys and other prosecutors; along with their policies, practices and what they believed.

After almost eight years of representing the State in every facet of criminal and juvenile cases, John turned his practice to representing his fellow man and using his experiences, relationships and skills to benefit his clients.

Licensed to Practice Law in Texas:  2001


Louisiana State University, B.S Accounting 1998
University of Houston, Juris Doctorate Law, 2001


State Bar of Texas

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Denton Bar Association

  • Former board member

Denton County Criminal Defense Lawyer Association

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Denton County Young Lawyer Association

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Denton County Criminal Defense Lawyer Association

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Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Association

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