Denton County Drug Charges

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From a misdemeanor for carrying a usable quantity of marijuana to facing possible life in prison for delivering just over one gram of cocaine, crack, heroin, or methamphetamine in a drug-free zone, drug charges come in all shapes and sizes. If drugs are found in a car and no one wants to own up to them, a police officer may arrest everyone there under the expanded “law of parties” doctrine.

Denton Marijuana Possession Attorney

One of the most common drug offenses is possession of marijuana. This is one of the few that can actually carry a misdemeanor charge, but only when involving a diminutive amount of up to four ounces. Any amount of marijuana above four ounces is considered a felony, as is any venture to deliver or sell it. In the latter cases, the penalties for the crimes dramatically increase. The majority of other drug charges, regardless of the amount, are classified as felonies, even for quantities less than one gram.  The legal ramifications for charges of drug possession or delivery greatly intensify as the amount of drugs increases.

On top of a possible criminal case, drug charges also can bring with them the loss of a job, a driver’s license suspension and even possible seizure of the car, money or home associated with the drugs.

Start Building Your Defense Before The State Starts Building Theirs Against You

If you have to face being charged with a drug related crime, who better to have at your side than an attorney that once prosecuted the very offense that you are facing in front of the same judges with the same district attorney’s office? John Rentz brings you that level of knowledge and skill to aid you in working you way through the criminal justice system.

Denton Possession, Manufacture, And Delivery Attorney

John Rentz also bring to the table an extensive knowledge of the Search & Seizure laws of Texas. Did the police officer have the right to search you or your belongings? Did they execute their search warrant within the proper time frames and in the correct manner? Did they develop an articulable basis for stopping you and then continuing to detain you? Schedule an appointment to discuss how these matters affect your case.

Addiction In Texas

John Rentz Is Here To Help

People treat it like it is a dirty word. But the truth is that a substantial portion of our society deals with some form of addiction on a daily basis. If you or a loved one are dealing with addiction and this is what brought you into the sights of the criminal justice system, choose an attorney that reconizes that you need help beyond this immediate case. We have a comprehensive list of counselors and drug treatment programs in North Texas and we will help you select the right fit for your needs and situation.

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