Probation Revocation in Denton

While probation is your chance for a semblance of freedom, it can also incorporate a lot of complicated and detailed requirements. If you are unsuccessful in meeting all of these requirements, you can be thrown in jail and held without bond until the hearing.

There are countless reasons why your probation can be revoked. Perhaps it was a technical violation or your probation officer simply made a mistake. Whatever the reason, the consequence is the same; probation is revoked, landing you back in jail.

If Requirements Like The Following Are Not Completed, you Can Be Subject To A Probation Revocation:

  • Late or missed a payment of fine or restitution
  • Leaving the city or county without appropriate permission from the probation officer
  • Missing a probation appointment due to work or illness
  • Failing a urine analysis test
  • Failing to wear a leg monitor

Depending on the circumstances of the failure, the court may be lenient. We can help you craft a case and present it to the court on your behalf. Obtaining an expert attorney is the first step in avoiding a trip to jail and continuing to successfully complete your probation so you can get your life back.

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