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Former Denton County Prosecutor – Attorney John Rentz Knows Denton Criminal Law From The Inside.

“The Constitution is YOURS, we will make sure you have Justice.”


You will see these words on our web pages, letterhead and even our business cards. But why?

Because We know You deserve each word.


They say that the criminal justice system is about protecting your rights. But who is looking out for you? The cops? The District Attorney? They will talk about protecting the community and justice for alleged victims, but not about justice for you. That is where we come in.

We excel at making certain that law enforcement officials at every level RESPECT YOUR RIGHTS. And if they fail to do so, we will aggressively seek to have the judge take every possible action to restore your rights and sanction the individual in the wrong.


Some attorneys focus on taking your money, working on your case and getting you out the door. We know that when the police get involved, there is often more to the story. Whether there are issues in your family concerning addiction, abuse, depression, mental health conditions or other concerns that contributed to your situation, we will work with you to address and handle those problems as part of our representation.

We want to eliminate the factors that caused the you to have to contact us, not view you as a profit center.

Results That Matter

We focus on getting the right results for you. Whether that is the best plea bargain possible or aggressively disputing the charges in a jury trial, we will do what it takes.

We will evaluate and review the evidence the State claims to have against you. We will discuss with you the defenses we can present. We will advise you of your real chances of success at trial. And, we stand ready to aggressively and effectively defend you in front of any judge or jury in Denton County.

We will work to get you the best Results available in your case.

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Attorney John Rentz Will Fight For Your Rights.

We Will Be Your Advocate Through the Entire Process. We Stand Behind Our Clients.
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