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There are few offense that carry the stigma that comes with being accused of a sex crime. It is not uncommon for close friends to disappear and long held jobs to be lost simply due to the accusation. While the Constitution says your are innocent until proven guilty, many people will just assume you are guilty. In addition, these charges carry with them hefty ramifications–possible registration as a sex offender for life, substantial prison time or onerous probation terms.

The Texas legislature has also passed laws increasing the penalties and barring probation in some cases simply due to the nature of the allegations made. You need a qualified, competent lawyer who can explain the law to you and walk you through your options when facing these charges.

A Former Felony Prosecutor As Your Advocate

We understand that just because someone has made an outcry, it does not mean your are guilty. We know that false allegations sometimes arise out of child custody disputes, ended relationships and attempts to extort money. As a former felony prosecutor, John Rentz has handled a large number of sexually based cases and understands how to best approach these sensitive situations.

When faced with this type of allegation, you need aggressive, effective representation. Whether your case needs qualified expert testimony, private investigation or a compelling jury argument, we have the skills and tools to craft and present the best case for you.

Sex Offender Registration

If you have been or believe you will be convicted of a sexually based offense, consider hiring legal counsel to advise you of the minefield that is Texas sex offender registration. If convicted of a sexually based crime, the registration that can come with it can expose you to further felony charges if you do not register in the exact manner withing the specific deadlines provided.

Failing to notify the local law enforcement office of a move or job change within the tight time frames provided can place your liberty at risk. Likewise, with some offenses, the mere failure to report often enough even when you haven’t moved or changed jobs can have you facing new felony charges.If you find yourself charged with failing to register as a sex offender, call us immediately so we can help you get back into compliance and help you limit the criminal exposure you may face.

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