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Texas has a number of crimes that fall into the category of theft charges. Every theft case boils down to an accusation that you took something, or tried to take something, that was not yours. But as can be seen above, there are a number of different ways the State can allege a theft. Some carry higher consequences
than others. Additionally, the punishment range on some theft cases are based on the value of the property that is alleged to have been stolen.

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Each of these offenses also require the State to prove that the accused intentionally or knowingly committed the acts. There is no accidental theft. A knowledgeable attorney will be prepared to force the State to show if it can prove that you intended the acts they allege. Simply proving that you had something that was not yours is not enough.

If the offense involves property that is alleged to have been stolen, the State has to prove that the accused knew the property belonged to someone who didn’t want the accused to have that property. A skilled attorney will keep the focus on whether the State can PROVE these elements. If the government is going to make criminal allegations, it is on them to substantiate those allegations.

Forensic Tracing Requires Specialized Understanding

Many fraud and white collar crimes require the State of Texas to prove how funds were converted to the benefit of the accused and that the accused intended or knew of that conversation. The State will employ federal and state law enforcement officers and forensic investigators to trace those funds and place the blame on the accused. Then at trial, they will bring those experts to dazzle the jury with their resumes and overwhelm them with the numbers until they relent and agree with the State’s case. Unless you have an attorney that understands forensic accounting.

John Rentz holds an accounting degree. He is a former felony prosecutor who worked with many of the same experts that the State will use against you. He understands the way those experts try to trace funds and build their case. And he knows when they make mistakes and how to point those errors out to the jury. You need to decide if you want to face these serious allegations on your own or rely on the expertise that John Rentz can bring to your side.

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